Various things that are Hot, Kinky and Taboo(NSFW)


you must be 18 or older to look and follow me. If you like the family theme follow my other blog at *if you would like to have your photos posted for others to see, send your photo and what you would like to be announced with it to us here at or at, all wishes will be aheared to* I am a 46yo happily married male. I love looking at these pics and share with others. I am not looking for a hook up or to meet just love to share what we love with others and love to be open to others. These are things I love some my wife does too. If you want to know what she likes just ask. Anything you want to see or add, go ahead.
Love nudes, anything kinky or taboo. I think gaping pussies are hot, fisting is fun and sexy. pregnant and lactationg women are also hot. If it is considered kinky or taboo, I love it. Ladies and guys also submitt your pics if you like.




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